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Añada is a Fitzroy restaurant located on Gertrude Street that specialises in Spanish fare, Spanish wine and Spanish sherry. Here's what's happening in the news and events at Añada right now.




We can barely believe it's been a whole decade since we launched Añada! We can't thank you enough for your support over the past ten years. It's been such a fun, delicious and memorable ride.


We'll be running a specials format menu throughout the month of February that highlights one or two dishes nightly that we consider to be Añada's Best Hits of the past decade. Feel free to give us a shout if there's anything you'd love to see us revisit, we'd be thrilled to hear from you.



Chef Maria has created a

 Valentine's Day menu at Añada that features 6 dishes served over four courses. The tasting style menu is designed to highlight foods that are considered aphrodisiacs served through courses inspired by the first stages of love. Book now.


valentine's day at Añada


“You have to have good hands; not every one is a painter, for example. I really appreciate when people are delicate with their hands. I have a couple of girls in the kitchen here who are really good with their hands. You need that finesse to put it on the plate.”

— chef maria kabal as quoted in conversation with a chef, october 2017


chef maria's recipe for cobia tiradito via flowerdale farm


"The service is excellent: waitstaff are both observant and knowledgeable and the restaurant abounds in thoughtful, un-showy little touches... Intimate and stylish without preciousness, featuring an excellent menu and prices that aren’t completely beyond the reach of kids in love, it’s a perfect spot for a dinner date.”

time out australia, may, 2013



Añada is Gertrude Street’s tapas bar. It’s clean and slick – like something straight out of Madrid. The large front windows, industrial lamps, exposed brick and smooth wooden counter and tabletops are typical of the local aesthetic. But it’s what comes out of the kitchen and from behind the bar that brings Añada to life. With a pleasant variety of local as well as Spanish wines, and beers served by a knowledgeable staff, there is rarely an empty glass in the house."




"Añada - an inner Melbourne attempt to provide the same kind of low-key, community bar with good, unpretentious food you'd find all over Spain - leaves a warm residual feeling, every time. It is emblematic of a new style of eating and drinking in Melbourne; tapas and Spanish flavour, minus the clichés."

— john lethlean, gourmet traveller, october 2008